Thrive Through Change

Navigate Unrelenting Change & Disruption

Every day you’re not helping your leaders lean into change, you’re falling behind. Alift is a guided 12-month, hybrid journey that helps leaders & their teams stay productive and competitive in under 5 hours per month.

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Change Your Game

Based on science and 35 years of real-world experience, Alift helps leaders move through uncertainty & fear toward a vision of the future that delivers new value for organizations.

Alift’s live Collaborative Workshops are designed to transform individual potential into collective success, leveraging the power of group dynamics and expert coaching.

  1. Through our virtual group sessions with Alift Guides, leaders experience real-time, interactive learning environments where they can challenge each other and grow together.
  2. One-on-one Coaching sessions offer personalized support, allowing leaders to delve deeper into their unique challenges and refine their leadership strategies.

This dual approach not only enhances individual leadership skills but also strengthens team cohesion, amplifying overall organizational performance and resilience.

The Alift system’s content is meticulously crafted to serve as an invaluable resource for leaders – providing ongoing support and reinforcement of the skills
discussed in the virtual collaborative workshops.

Leaders’ Guides are tailored to enhance understanding and application, offering actionable approaches and insights that leaders can implement immediately within their teams.

Integrating practices of the topic specific Reinforcements (like burnout, stress, gratitude) into the daily operations of an organization ensures continuous development and sustained impact, bridging the gap between collaborative workshops and real-world application, allowing leaders to delve deeper into their unique challenges and refine their leadership approaches.

Alift’s online Resource Library offers round-the-clock access to our extensive range of ready-to-use tools and resources, ensuring that leaders have immediate support whenever they need it, day or night.

Alift content is an ever-expanding catalog of content, providing continuous learning opportunities and enabling leaders to stay ahead with the latest insights and strategies.

Additionally, The Daily Lift delivers daily snippets of motivation and education, keeping leaders engaged and uplifted, and ensuring they remain focused on driving positive change within their teams.

All-in-One Talent Growth System

Alift is a dynamic, “just-in-time” scalable journey crafted to provide leaders with the materials, tools, and people needed to navigate change.

Alift not only upholds your company’s core values but also embeds Alift’s principles of “thriving through change” at the very core of your organization.

5 hours per month.
Embedded in the flow of your existing work.

That’s all it takes for leaders to start to see the impact of Alift’s system on your day-to-day.

Why Alift?

Every day you’re not helping your leaders, you’re losing money.

Leaders who thrive through change don’t merely react; they proactively shape their future. They transform potential threats into groundbreaking opportunities, turning upheaval into competitive advantage. By mastering the art of navigating change, leaders inspire confidence, drive innovation, and foster a culture of resilience.

See how Alift clients generate new value

Investing in leaders who excel in dynamic environments is not just about avoiding loss—it’s about actively generating value. Every day that your leaders grow in their ability to manage change is a day that your organization moves forward, outpaces competitors, and secures its place at the forefront of your industry.

Equip your leaders with Alift and transform your organization into a dynamic, agile powerhouse that not only survives in the face of change – but thrives.

Increase Competitiveness

Be the Disruptor, Not the Distrupted

Adapting to change isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Alift’s cutting-edge methodology equips top leaders with the strategic tools and insights needed to stay ahead. This isn’t traditional skills training or off-the-shelf leadership programs.

Our just-in-time delivery system provides immediate, actionable support, ensuring your organization adapts swiftly to change and outpaces the competition.

Grow Job Satisfaction

Offer What Employees Really Want

Job satisfaction ratings fell across the board in 2023. As a result, employees are actively prioritizing positive work culture and experience from their jobs – even over increased compensation. 

Organizations that invest in their people and develop leaders not only get more output from their teams but have happier, more engaged, longer-tenured employees who drive value.

Improve Retention

Combat Talent Turnover

A staggering $630 billion is lost annually by American companies due to ineffective leadership, highlighting a critical and costly gap in management practices, which includes losses in employee productivity and expenses related to recruitment and hiring.

Additionally, about 82% of employees are currently looking for new jobs because of ineffective management and poor leadership.

Enhance Productivity

Supercharge Team Output

Keeping productivity high requires more than conventional leadership development these days. Alift offers a strategic imperative designed to drive tangible results by empowering your organization’s top leaders.

Alift alumni consistently praise the program for helping them become more confident and resilient. And when leaders are confident and skills are shared, productivity rises at every level.

How It Works

A Hybrid System Designed to Meet Leaders & Their Teams Where They Are

Using decades of scientific and real-world experience, Alift brings in-person and virtual solutions to teams facing the ultimate wicked problem: change. Every organization is different, but Alift has the practitioners and 9 components needed to up-level your leaders’ mindsets and skillsets to lead effectively.


Collaboration & Virtual Sessions


Every leader is assigned Guides & a Coach to help with the issues related to leading through change


Guides & Reinforcements


Roadmaps help leaders implement Alift content to properly manage change with their teams


Library & The Daily Lift


Self-serve, online tools for team members to use as early and often as they’d like

Alift is for organizations:

Going through a reorganization
Navigating hybrid workplaces
Combating burnout & stress
Facing significant change
Struggling to retain talent

Alift is designed to:

Reduce burnout
Coach & train leaders
Develop managers’ confidence
Reduce stress & improve output
Promote cross-team communication

Where Alift Helps

What Leaders Want

According to an independent 2024 Leadership Development Report, the three most in-demand leadership skills are:


  1. Coaching Skills for Managers
  2. Leading Change
  3. Feedback
✅ Alift Is
For leaders you want to attract or retain
An integrated system
Human-driven & technology-supported
Just-in-time support that meets leaders where they are
Collaborative & cross-functional
Focused on navigating unrelenting, disruptive change
Equip your leaders to make change together - now and into the future
Strategic imperatives
Protecting yourself, your team, customers, or colleagues
Comprehensive employee growth
On-going support with license to resource library thereafter
A journey
Alift Is Not
For every leader
Individual, stand-alone components
In-person class or webinar about change
Course on change management
Meant only for siloed, functional areas
Focused on one-time issues
Done-for-you change management
Important, but not urgent, problems
Solely focused on mental health
Traditional leadership development
One-shot program
A destination

Who It’s For

Teach Your Leaders to Navigate Any Change

Change is omnipotent, ubiquitous, and constant. In 2020, it was a global pandemic. Today, it is generative AI.
Tomorrow, it will be something new. Alift builds leadership competencies to apply to disruption at any scale.


High-Potential Leaders

Alift equips high-potential leaders with the skills and confidence needed to lead effectively. It provides tools for managing team dynamics and individual development, ensuring key leaders are prepared to inspire and guide their teams through transformative times.


Reorgs & Acquisitions

Alift aids leaders and teams during organizational restructuring by helping them navigate uncertainty and move to a place of hope. Alift strengthens morale and productivity by fostering a clear understanding of new roles and expectations within the reshaped org.


Catastrophic Events

Alift focuses on crisis management skills and emotional resilience to help leaders
stabilize operations and support their teams in times of extreme uncertainty. Alift provides leaders with the tools to manage teams effectively during catastrophic events such as natural disasters or unexpected crises.

Life Transitions

Navigating significant life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, or bereavement can be hard. Alift offers approaches to manage emotional stress & maintain professional performance so individuals integrate personal growth with professional responsibilities.

Reductions in Force

In the face of workforce reductions, Alift prepares leaders to handle difficult conversations with empathy and clarity. It also equips remaining team members with coping strategies to manage increased workloads and maintain team cohesion during transitions.

Geopolitical Conflict

Alift supports leaders with strategies to navigate the complexities of managing business operations while ensuring the well-being and safety of their teams. Approaches that help leaders maneuver through ethical dilemmas for their teams and/or themselves, in order to maintain organizational integrity amidst external turmoil.

Health Crises

Leaders learn to navigate the complexities of managing personal well-being alongside professional duties. Alift offers resilience-building techniques to maintain focus and effectiveness at work, fostering a supportive environment for both the leader and their colleagues.

Competitive Pressures

Alift helps organizations respond to competitive pressures by fostering innovation and agility across teams. It provides insights on staying ahead through collaborative planning, ensuring the organization remains competitive in a fast-evolving market.

Social Unrest

Alift helps leaders maintain frameworks for fostering a culture of inclusion that respects diverse perspectives and promotes a sense of belonging. It empowers leaders as they address issues of social equality and human rights within their teams and organizations which promotes a culture of justice.

“Every step I’ve taken in the past 35+ years has been toward this precise moment, this pivotal point, and this transformative system.”


Sallie J. Sherman, Ph.D.

S4 Consulting & Alift

Sallie is an expert in helping organizations identify and navigate their “wicked problems” – those critical, messy, complex, ongoing people-problems that must be addressed collaboratively for people and organizations to grow and thrive.

For over three decades, Sallie and her team at S4 Consulting have helped companies address these issues by sharing a set of principles that help build more collaborative, productive internal and external relationships.

Sallie evolved Alift into a scalable, just-in-time system tailored for leaders and their teams navigating the relentless waves of disruption and change, commonly referred to as the “new normal.”

Past clients include

By the Numbers

Leaders who have completed the Alift program


feel more confident leading their teams through change


increased their confidence in collaborating with others


learned the importance of strategic communication skills to navigate rapid change


What Leaders Are Saying About Alift

“Individual leadership coaching was life changing! Meeting monthly with my coach to work on
my development and incorporating the alift materials was the most beneficial part of this
program. I really hope I will be able to continue to meet with my coach!”

Samantha V.

Human Resource Supervisor

“Through alift I feel like I’ve learned how to better connect and engage with not only my team,
but everyone I interact with. This has allowed for better dialogue and understanding, which is
helpful for having a more productive and happy team!”

Anil S.

Director, Special Projects

“I am proud of my growth, both professionally and personally. Alift has given me more confidence in myself as a leader.”

David C.

HR Manager

“Through the Alift experience, I gained valuable insights, such as [why] protecting myself is crucial to being an effective leader. By taking care of myself and recognizing signs of fatigue or exhaustion, I can better support my team by acknowledging their strengths and contributions, and provide the necessary support where needed.”

Nikki K.

VP, Project Management

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